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09 February 2010 @ 07:09 pm
Welcome and an Introduction!  
Welcome to mermaidsdance ! I know, I've made several other lame attempts at making and operating a Graphic Community, but I think I'm here to stay. I'm thrillx (not accepting friend adds right now, I'm happy with my list of friends

Pertaining to Icon use and I've been making graphics for about six or seven years. I use Adobe Elements 5.0 (I really want to upgrade to 8.0) and I've come to use the product to the best of my abilities. The only thing that I find Elements lacking is a pen tool. Other than that, I use .psd's for coloring changes, and textures/brushes for everything else.

Now that is out of the way, this community is ran like all the others. You might want to check out our profile for additional information on how we're ran. We are an invitation only posting community. Meaning, if you see other icon makers posting here, it's because I've asked them. Don't ask me...I'll ask you. You can, however send me samples of your work. If I like what I see, then I'll more than add you to the list of makers. I'm not an elite icon maker snob, so pretty much as long as it's a pretty icon you'll probably be accepted.

Please read all rules pertaining to the uses of icons and distribution. I do make candid icons of celebrities, and you may use them on other sites-Like Insane Journal or forums, but you MUST credit me somehow. With either a link or a small portion of text saying just where you got this icon from, so others can be directed here. I know there's no way of knowing just who has your icons, or what they are doing with them...but please.  Be respectful, credit an icon. It's really not that hard!

Wait on requests. Please don't pester me endlessly to make an icon or banner for you. I have to be in a certain mood to make the graphics.

Do comment on what you take. It makes me smile, and makes me feel good when I see you're enjoying my work.

Most of all, enjoy the icons!